The Liar.

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The world played evil games at every step,
And the games he played back at every step,
Went down many times but he came back,
And Oh’ what fascinating stories he told.

The eye of the storm he chased and became,
The storm itself as the world around him lost,
The binding force of nature in the devil’s scare,
A story he made that gathered the fallen pieces.

A lie told and then another ten more told,
To give a feeling of truth and he disappeared,
As over the unknown steps, step by step he walked,
Ah’ they always led to more lies and fun filled laughs.

The blizzard roared from the north and blinded,
Then the howling shut the ears ah’ what catastrophe,
All around the city and away in the farm lands unleashed,
A story as a song he sang to melt the frozen tundra.

From work to gatherings, lie after lie he told,
They laughed, many admired him, many wanted him along,
Ah’ as age grew up with him he learned,
Those unknown steps were that of the devil’s path.

Spring to summer galloped and fallen apart,
In the changing temperatures, Oh, all went upside down,
Tornadoes danced through the mid-west lands,
And away from the storm he ran as his lies abandoned him.

The storms are gone and out of the shelters came,
The world and along came the stunned liar,
The world at him looked, the world wanted the old man,
He looked at himself and all around wandered.

Nothing made sense, nothing truthful he can say,
The only truth he hid; as that truth may hurt a young soul.
The young soul that told him a reality that cut his heart,
“You are much older, ” that told how pathetic of a liar to himself he is.

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Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

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