Testers Of Tears.

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The night left quietly and the day spread,
Much more quietly no to wake the unloved,
So thought the magic God gave to humans,
Night and Day taking care of the deprived.

God gave no blessing different than God gave,
Everyone, a reason to breathe, a way to find food,
Oh’, the unloved spent their times gathering fate,
And combine in many combinations to see,

Love ever exists for them in this world,
And the answers they seek, Oh’ they will find,
But love remains incomplete for the unloved,
As the ones they love don’t love them back.

Life exists for them and scattered as pieces of ruins,
Like nightly scavengers those unloved seek those pieces,
To place in one jigsaw puzzle, ah’ a never ending nightmare,
Oh’ the loveless live between the living, ah’ not as the living.

The screams of their heart, Oh’ none can hear,
Like gathered storms unleashed all at the same time,
Their passions, Oh’ demonized by the scrupulous,
Ah’ those lusty, for whom flesh and blood matters than love.

The unforgiven feeling in every possible way given,
The unloved man ah’ a danger in the eyes of lovers.
Then there are those who speaks soft, who holds you close,
They are testers, ah’ testers of tears, salty or sweet.

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Photo by Emmanuel Boutet on Unsplash

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