A Dance On An Umbrella.

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The wonders of nature all around gathered,
Bringing big bales of dark cotton like clouds,
Fighting like sumo wrestlers for space and time,
Ah’ what wonderful ways storms comes and spreads.

The umbrella was not indeed a great idea in a storm,
The thin sticks fighting the cold winds that whirled,
The mind far away took me ahead and beyond,
Then I heard a dance on top of my umbrella by big drops.

They calibrated their celebrations very well timed,
Every drop carry a word in a story to be told,
Those words got strung inside the umbrella and echoed,
To tell me about the one who boss my heart.

Morning touched her brow and to get divine thoughts,
And when awake she drew the rays of Sun to her eyes,
Where new dreams births like new stars in galaxies far,
The newest of the dreams that birthed ah’ carried your face.

I looked up hearing the echoes and asked,
“My face? Oh’ why my face which she rejected,
From all dreams and even for me to dream?”
A thunderbolt fell right beside as if telling me to stop.

More thunders roared up in the horizons like,
Disagreeing politicians in chambers trying to fight,
For a cause so passionately, ah’ these clouds speak,
For a romance I never heard, I never knew.

The paused rain drops at much higher speed resumed,
Ah’ the new words formed to tell me about her dreams,
And how beautiful of a future that big heart weaves,
Love no poet can imagine as the best poetry is her love.

As my home I reached the songs of future days sung,
By the dancers upon my umbrella who all slowly faded,
But as I entered my little porch and tried to close the umbrella,
A wind brought a thousand soothing drops on to my face;

Kisses in dreams of the lady who bosses my heart they found.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

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