Questions For The Soul Mate.

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Summer left the north racing with a bright lit sun,
Drowned my unholy dream into past never to see again,
No disappointment I took, no part of heart twitched,
Wild thoughts and fantasies with no ground to grow,
Ah’ I didn’t say another time, I loved and love unlived.

Then I found her ah’ the sweet smiling darling,
The one who can claim my heart as her own to boss,
And every day I woke and every day I lived weaving,
Dreams in which we both found simplicity of love,
Dreams we gathered in the different worlds of ours.

Different worlds of work, age, beliefs but,
The chances unfolded for us ah’ no age can boast,
And the love to be lived Oh’, gathered dust,
As questions each other for each other answer,
Took a life of their own with unreal understandings.

And times of gathering dreams are left behind.

Uniqueness of each other in which togetherness found,
Silent life between us brought thoughts of fullness,
And dreams where love just in simplicity thrived,
Oh’ they lost no colors, they lost no momentum,
They became the lamps that hides darkness of doubts.

Every dream I translate into a poem and you read,
Ah’ it is one stroke of brush in a bigger picture,
The picture were you and I and the future unites,
Dynamics of life we embrace hand in hand,
And every bit of energy shared charges our memories.

Times of making those dreams into life’s memories.
Are gathering around us, Oh’ my dearest,
They hang in every bit of our senses and unites,
In our mind where happiness, sadness, and anger,
Makes life a reality of wonders and wonderfulness.

As in each other’s souls we live and find joy,
Isn’t it time for us to unite and make each other’s soul,
The fascination of our senses to learn day by day?
Our souls are ready as you know it and I know it,
Why not let us unite hearts for us to be each other’s souls?

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

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