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Sixteenth Day Of June – 2019.

Dark remained in the morning for me as I abandoned,
Sleep to stay and watch the Sun rise and then,
I wished a thousand dreams adored me filled with love.
Nothing unusual, no callers, no visitors on a fathers day.

When bed became uncomfortable ah’ Sun to the west slanted,
Day left me no time and no thoughts beyond my Little Boss came,
She the one I love and in some way of her own loves me,
Night kissed me all around, dinner and tea wonderfully done.

A hundred thousand stars from all corners woke,
The night birds sat on my maples scratching barks,
Oh’ waiting and waiting for my heart to be read,
And none came, nothing even usual happened.

As the last phase of the night packed to leave,
Ah’ I know every door of heavens are open,
My conscience stopped questioning my motives,
What prayer I should say I questioned myself.

Then to heavens I said “O’ God, what I can have,
Or what I cannot have are immaterial in life now,
For the perfection of my love for her I know she deserves,
More than anyone and honor me to grant her my love.”.

Then to me I asked “When will you ever truly sleep?”,
As I saw the victorious rays of light gathering the joy,
Of the passing night and into the hearts of sleeping souls,
Spread that joy to yet another bright and wonderful day.

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Photo by Igor Rand on Unsplash

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