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Twenty Fifth Day Of June 2019.
This Poem Is For You Little Boss.*

Frustrations about the absence of my love hard felt,
Deep through the veins boiled blood that sweat,
Brows I frowned and deeper about life I thought,
And abandoned the beauty of the morning and slept.

Some lovers, somewhere celebrated their luck in glory,
The unfortunate slept even when sun in brightness danced,
The unloved need no special reason to be unloved,
We are the failures the world look, learn and succeed.

Noon stormed into my room and threw me out of bed,
My own shadows gave me threats and fear,
The fear about the unknowns that spread with summer,
Ah’ life deliberately abandoned living me and left.

The awesomeness of the unfortunate is that all they touch,
All they wish will burn in around them and the ash,
Will fall on them and make their faces dark and deformed,
Evening baseball game my team lost in disgrace.

Night came all around with questions about morning,
Frustration indeed led to an angry man in dire straits,
And for a moment I thought about the love of Little Boss,
That kept me sane, kept me calm as her love ruled my mind.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

*Dedication. – Poems are written with specific people in mind at times and are dedicated to them. When this poem is read and someone at some point enjoys the poem. That enjoyment always leads to a little blessing and the person the poem is dedicated to will receive that blessing.

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

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