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Twenty Sixth Day Of June – 2019.

Shade over this part of Earth slowly moved,
As day wiped away the fears of the night,
Those monsters who all hide under the bed,
Ah’ they became dust mites and fleas and fled.

The drowning dreams of love and marriage wept,
Helpless me looked away as no grudges I want,
To carry through this day and days to come,
Oh’, God promised his love not the love of Little Boss.

Melancholy in every corner of the house lingered,
As reality took every bit of that energy and made,
A crown in the forge of my mind where flames raised,
From my heart and soul and reality wore that crown.

Oh’ someday in kindness God will ask,
Why alone my entire life I lived,
In humility, I will answer that question,
Ending in the forgiveness I always seek.

“Oh’ God, you gave me a life in your ways I lived,
You gave me a heart with which to love from you I learned,
All my life I searched the world to find her my Little Boss,
But her love never came to me as a blessing from you.

None will I blame as the unknown fate somehow never meant,
Love from her for me and that reality I lived in the good,
You gave in which you taught and good and bad from you came,
I seek forgiveness for any misgivings of mine in my love.”.

The night came back with a vengeance and covered,
All the flaws mankind made in one day in this part of Earth,
I sweat in the heat of the day left for all to feel better,
Some laughed, some cried, and I looked at myself doing neither.

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Photo by Petr Ovralov on Unsplash

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