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Twenty Ninth Day Of June – 2019.

Images of the yester years all around flew,
Like floating leaves in the season of fall,
Summer morning winds stronger felt,
As Sun and Moon shook hands and bid adieu.

I looked at myself and laughed in a dream I made,
Where an over weight man struggled to find ways to sleep,
No sleep into his eyes came as he found no ways,
To abandon thoughts about his love for his Little Boss.

Gravel roads stretched for miles, I have drawn,
And through those roads to the heart of American I drove,
Pixel by pixel I painted the scenes when as wayfarer passed,
And took a breather to stretch my back and legs.

Noon time came and disturbed my dream,
And avoiding reality I took another dive,
Into my drive but I couldn’t move through my dream
As a beauty from that neck-of-the-wood stole my mind.

Then from what I know of her face and beauty,
I enlightened my dream from past to present to future,
Oh’ my life is filled with her and thoughts about her,
And nothing else made sense without a thought about her.

Night and the world around crowded my reality,
To bring me to my knees as the dream in heart I wrote,
Gave and intoxicated feeling that kept me glad,
As to the night I bid adieu, once more God I thank,

For making my life beautiful by bringing her into my life.

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Photo by Darby Henjum on Unsplash

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