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Thirtieth Day Of June – 2019.

The morning like a masterpiece symphony spread,
And like an amazing ballerina touching, nature danced,
The meanings from that musical deep in the soul sprouted,
A little thought about the ways and means of a poet.

If the life we live were an ocean, ah’ will that ocean care,
How many small streams brings water to the rivers to flow?
Will, that ocean care how many small fishes birth and die?
But the ocean of life of a poet cares every moment,

From the birth of that moment through the transition,
To the next moment where one thought fits well,
That thought always to the mind in gladness brings,
The memory of her face, the dearest darling, Little Boss.

Yet another afternoon and evening the day spread,
And through it all first like a deliberate act I remembered,
Then it became a passion to think about her and smile,
Now thoughts about her, ah’, an inevitability I can’t ignore.

The night took the mantle from the day and brought,
More thoughts about her the loveliness of my era,
The breath of existence and the inspiration of my soul,
In it all flower the sizzling feeling I call “My love for her”.

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Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

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