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Second Day Of July – 2019.

She called me from silence and I remained,
The onlooker of my fading romantic fate,
Oh’ how many more tragedies I may write,
To make the world here and hereafter feel?.

Oh’ gladness please, Oh’ gladness please not,
Drown in the abyss of sadness that glitter,
In the light from far away mocking lucky stars,
Oh’ gladness feel my heartbeat for her love.

Why would away from our own gladness part,
When you and I smiled to never ever fail?
What drowned the rhythm of my heartbeat heard,
In your heart that made pretty smiles of yours prettier?

Oh’, my words for you may sound so unreal,
But tell me my dear, the dearest darling who see,
Tell me my Little Boss who hears symphony of hearts,
What is the reality of this world as we know it?

The Sun rose in the east as if it were a recital,
Of a magnificent poem when through the day moved,
Every minute a new rhythm from the heart of the living found,
Every hour a new quartet with millions of images wrote.

Questions for which answers live in your love drowned,
As the day ended in the west with Sun’s bathing rituals,
Still echoed around were the repetition of those recitals,
And searched I through nature only to find a reality.

That reality brought to me to the footsteps of yours,
Where I left my love for you and yet another silent call,
How wonderfully life rolls without touching present time?
Ah’ drown I will not in this abyss that means nothing,

As once more I say, nothing makes sense without you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Mick Tinbergen on Unsplash

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