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Fourth Day Of July – 2019.

I danced between the rays of the twilight morn,
And like a shy village girl my touch she eluded,
That shy girl and her elusiveness made Sun angry,
And his wrath as summer warmth he unleashed.

The late noon sleep like the invisible arms of Little Boss,
Wrapped me to the bed and kissed, kissed and kissed again,
Then the fires of independence blew all around and woke,
Even the laziest poet to find his new age traditions.

SummerFest of Milwaukee where people forgot the past,
And never wanted to know what future brings as they danced,
Even to the most uncouth music and never ever asked,
Who sang or what music played, ah’ I touched the fest.

Food and drinks, people laughing, living the American dream,
Yes, the world united there beyond color, religion or class,
None asked me how old I am, none stepped away as older I am,
People danced with kids younger than their grand-kids, all laughed.

Such spectacle and through every step remembered I,
The face of my Little Boss, no beauty there can replace,
Then when alone I sat and ate I know the enjoyment,
Ah’ nothing is a dream, everything a step to fulfillment.

Night hesitated to interrupt the celebrating world,
Night came and none cared as we all celebrated,
Freedom so bravely earned and so wonderfully kept,
Ah’ forever for this generation let America be,

The Amazing Grace.

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Photo by Luis Machado on Unsplash

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