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Fifth Day Of July – 2019.

Took her in my arms and kissed with all my love,
Ah’, what wonderful dreams in half my sleep I saw,
Wonderful morning as always took me out of sleep,
Before leaving me empty minded and empty handed.

As noon step by step arrived on a fantastic Friday,
I know the Angels and Jinns and every creation,
By God ordained to balance good and bad, readied,
As to the congregational prayers I rushed I prayed.

Then I prayed in congregation again and again,
For all good to come to her, ah’ the one I kissed,
For all the bad to go away from between us,
That divided our hearts, aching beyond any help.

The afternoon and evening my routine runs,
Through shops in the unbearable summer heat,
And I know I am through the day as back home came,
Sweet home where rested I and in thoughts I drowned.

Through the thoughts that fell back a day before,
Ah,’ took me to the fifteenth day of October 2017,
I asked to my conscience and any unseen forces around,
What was it all about? Why would I meet her again?

The night swallowed any energy from thoughts and dreams,
Tiredness took me down as the warmth of the day crept,
Even into the compressed cold machines made inside,
Ah’, the unanswered questions left only hopes in heart.

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Photo by Samual Stone on Unsplash

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