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Sixteenth Day Of July – 2019.

The silent night at the full moon again and again gazed,
As sky slowly in the east turned burning bright red,
The moon fell far into the ocean to bathe and be ready,
To show his pretty face to the romantics on the other side.

The brightness of the moon in my mind slowly faded,
As a memory of Little Boss took me to bed and dreams,
The phantoms of morning all around me screamed,
A grin stayed on my face when about her, I dreamed and slept.

The stillness of the afternoon spread far and wide even on to Sun,
Who blazed and gazed across horizons for a new look and sense,
All he achieved was another day of burning and the world mocked,
And celebrated another fantastic summer day uncaring the sweaty sun.

Evening and early night tried their circus to distract,
Me from a calamity unkindly stalked me, unknown to me,
But the stalker failed to hide and with stalker I fabricated,
Yet another story to tell myself in my soliloquy and laugh.

Late night stood bright with another bright-lit moon up high,
Oh’, his adventures on the other side of planet thinned him a bit,
But the halo he left on my mind around my Little Boss glowed,
And made the romantic feeling of love fattened a bit more this day.

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At Miller Park Watching A Baseball Game.

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