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Seventeenth Day Of July – 2019.

Oh’ that fat old moon and the lazy night tried,
To keep the twilight and early morning sleep,
But in the lullabies by the early birds sang,
The morning woke to give me a happy dream.

As time scrolled through the late morning to noon,
I took life to leisure and pleasure of baseball park,
Summer warmth became a lady to date the lonely man,
And to her too I said “I am in love with me Little Boss”.

Tiredness took my hand into an evening nap on chair,
Somewhere in subconscious remained a sad feeling,
Ah’ late evening my thoughts dreamed about happy life,
Still a sad man tried to cry through happy times.

The cold air deep into my house basement sank,
As summer unleashed a wrath for reasons unknown,
The calmed down mind still sobbed once in a while,
When thought about everything else but the present.

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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