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Eighteenth Day Of July – 2019.

Night left a mark on my heart that deeper felt,
Even the bright-lit summer morning gloomy looked,
As morning left nothing for me to think and erase,
That shadow of what night left became the anomaly.

Life, ah’, the series of events that give us a connection,
To the self and many other big, small, living and unliving,
Then to every event in life comes a balancing act,
Many times we forget to balance or we know nothing.

The anomaly lived and the day died before mind realized,
I chose to run in a day blinded by what I know not,
Time the healer, Space the facilitator of life to flourish,
No chance for both I gave as answers for unknown questions I sought.

Deeper and deeper I thought as my own conscience I felt,
Left me to ask more questions to mind as thoughts about Little Boss,
Brought anger, fear, sadness and then her face in memory,
A million rays of happiness and, ah’, a drop of happy tear I shed.

Then to time I asked, “Why you forgot to bring me a chariot?”.

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Photo by Andre Furtado on Unsplash

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