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Nineteenth Day Of July – 2019.

“Do you have a talisman to give me Mother Nature”,
I pleadingly asked as the happiness I saw she spread,
Made me not just happy but want to spread happiness like her,
And be happy seeing the happiness of others.

Some say Love is happiness and happiness finds ways to love,
I looked for love and waited for love and found my love,
Oh’, Little Boss, you ever felt a little bit of my love,
Before you rejected me and forced me on knees to pray.

The noon was a bogus monster who didn’t scare me,
The afternoon stirred up summer furnace and heated,
Every corner as thirsty birds decided no to sing,
And skunks ran away from odor of halfnaked sweaty women.

Evening tried to stir up a wind but she stood like a stone,
Trees stood bowed in the heaviness of the leaves they grew,
And the twilight came with the dusk as sun too left sweaty,
“Oh’, summer you are hot but calm down now,” I said.

Late-night woke the poet inside me who ate too much,
Then thirsty like a pacing dog drank all juice and soda,
All the sugar drowned him like a stone in a river,
Still, he wrote, wrote and wrote again about his love.

“She is lovely, she is dearest, she defines you Mother Nature.”.

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Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

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