A Disappointing Lover.

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There was a silent wind that flew and touched,
My cheeks and nose and into my ears whispered,
“Tell the bird about the dance of your heart,
In dreams and real following the steps of your love.”.

The summer sun looked down with a kind eye,
Forgetfulness about an old untamed pastime boasted,
And a young heart, playful in music, Oh’, I met,
Little I know that a heavy, old me attracted her.

I looked up and down as she praised how wise I am,
And to that, I said, “Not wise enough to escape your attention”,
I walked along and asked about her and she loved to talk,
In my mind, I whispered, “Is this the love you want to follow?”.

The wind hit on my face hard and the wrongs I know,
Told the young girl I care about her, my Little Boss,
Took my phone and shown the face of her, my background,
The disappointment on the young heart I saw on that face.

When walking away I felt the wind no longer touches me,
The sun turned harsh and pounded like a punishing thug.
Smiled at another mid-twenties girl in my afternoon walk,
And in my mind, I asked: “How many more I must disappoint?”.

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Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

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