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Twenty Second Day Of July – 2019.

From a scattered lot, ah’, my mind I gathered,
When Little Boss to me revealed her anger and spite.
Little she knows that there are no other ways for me,
For in her heart is the key to fulfilling our dreams.

Oh’, on one-side knowing about her celebrated,
Deep inside a drop of tear to hide so hard tried,
In that success, I blended the salty tear and loved more,
As the morning let me sleep through upon the lap.

The day through noon and afternoon twists and turns tried,
Nothing worked as the tunes of romance mind found,
The battle I won made me write, write and write again,
As from the future I wrote to the present the story of our love.

The Sun lost his might and strength of warmth as he fell,
Into the western horizon and taking all strength I too left,
A wonderful baseball game, ah’, in thrilling ways we lost,
Then night gathered all gloom and filled every vein of mine.

My spite and anger found a wonderful sepulcher,
As my love for her increased every minute awake I stayed,
The night walked in a pace so slow, ah’, I spoke aloud,
“Why don’t you find a twist and turn that will make me glad?”.

The answer I know was not that far as a little drizzle fell,
Upon me by Mother Nature to tell me she heard me,
The smile upon my sadness filled face spread,
Gave a feeling that in dreams Little Boss will love me more.

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Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

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