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Twenty Sixth Day Of July – 2019.

Night has laid footprints in my heart,
As my heart with bright light-filled,
Every bit of dark thoughts and views erased,
As love-filled became days and nightly walks.

“Drive me to a path unwalked” to the dark pleaded,
And every step became a sensation of a new line of verse,
Through those dreamless nights didn’t I love you, my dear,
Oh’, Oooo, Ooo, the spotted owl replied and I smiled.

Daybreak brought to mind endless scenes of daydreams,
Sleep silenced mind away from the fiction of life,
“Give me a twinkling star that shines for my luck.”, I said,
When noon came consuming mind with love for her.

“What prayers shall I pray?”, when at Friday prayers I prostrated,
Should I pray for my happiness with her or should I pray,
For the happiness of her, ah’ mind tried to row on two boats,
Then I prayed, “May I be the happiness she never known.”.

Evening and night, Oh’, yet another fantasy of the rodeo clown,
As search for reality beyond hopes and dreams, I prepare,
Ah’, mindless I may be in your eyes in my love for you, Little Boss,
Mind-filled I am in my thoughts and prayers for you.

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Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

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