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Twenty Seventh Day Of July – 2019.

Day woke up into the busy life of a weekend,

As I forgot to see the beauty of the morning twilight,

And through the eyes of the busy man I looked,

Second by second life into the day drained.

Left I my home, my town and somewhere in town my love,

Oh’, Little Boss, I wished I can say bye to you with a kiss,

Love indeed is a fantastic feeling that blurs reality,

When parting, Oh’, hearts ache, eyes well, and dreams sprout.

The train ride much more relaxed and fun filled,

Than any flight or drive I can take to OZ land,

Kind people I met, found new styles of thoughts,

But every thought began and ended with Little Boss.

When passing by great rivers I thought,

Oh’, is there a dream I should float away,

Ah’, yes my conscience said and I floated,

The nightmare where I lose my LIttle Boss.

Peace achieved my mind and silenced,

Doubts and fear, answerless questions,

Then when destination came to me I said,

“Oh’, make me the blessing she seeks everyday.”.

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