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Thirty First Day Of July – 2019.

Morning through the great plains scattered,
And through branches, leaves, and grass cruised,
Those little birds learning to sing found new tunes,
With mouths full of honey sang sweeter than honey.

The search of the morning continued late closer to noon,
Looking deep into life for something I can’t comprehend,
Then to lighten the intensity named I the morning, Little Boss.
Oh’, I wonder what she looks for in my love for her.

As noon and afternoon in their rituals passed,
Into the evening I relaxed through my life with thoughts,
How wonderfully into my life Little Boss can blend,
Her life and together a stronger life we both can build.

The night burned around me in a new intensity,
Question of romance ruling life in full arch rose,
Through the veins of time spread night into life,
And life recited in verses of love the written fate,

Fate of me and you together in love, my Little Boss.

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