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First Day Of August – 2019.

The night has shown me how magnificent the universe is,
As light criss-crossed through space giving time meaning,
In that meaning written is a line of verse you didn’t understand,
That line of verse shown a million image of our love, Little Boss.

As silence reigned through your veins like those criss-crossing light,
A universe in magnificence of your soul with love formed,
And you must understand that bright shining star in that universe,
Is not just a dream of a versifier, ah’, but the gravity that holds your love.

I meaning of my shape, the trajectory of my paths, ah’, all in your love,
My love, the God given blessing bound to each other we move,
And our love shines brighter in the universe as a star that reckons time,
May our love be the light that shines bright for all to know this time.

So let us live this part of time in our love Oh’ Little Boss,
Wake up to morning beyond the tantalizing dark of night,
Through which we run at each other feeling no barriers,
The night maybe dark but the days ahead takes light from our love.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Brad Pearson on Unsplash

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