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Second Day Of August – 2019.

The night lost his obsession to light and gathered,
Clouds to cover the starlight reaching my eyes,
I see no more dreams as lightless became,
My subconscious too without the light of her love.

What part of night blacked out her dreams?
Or is it the bright light of fate that blinded her?
Oh’, Little Boss whoever told to abandon my love,
Wrong they are, for nothing can stop me from loving you.

Noon was outshone by a pleasant evening away,
From thoughts and wild attempts to weave new dreams,
And brightened the night with touches of love for Little Boss,
Prayers filled my thoughts for her in wealth and health.

Every day in one way or the other, a reason I find,
To heal disappointments or romance and drown,
Pain of the ignored, Insult of the abandoned,
Oh’, all gives me a good reason to smile in love.

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