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Sixth Day Of August – 2019.

Sifting through the times of the last phase of the night,
The twists and tests of this portion of space I braved,
Then I asked, “How far away from reality are you Little Boss?
How much more time you need to evaluate your love.”.

Paused I and thought, then without confusion I continued,
“Ah’, knowing my love for you LIttle Boss from the depths,
Of my heart and soul you read line by line and feel everyday,
Why so cruel to the reality in the depth of your soul you hide?”.

The morning with the glory of the sun oneself crowned,
And the time of her concluded when the chariots of the sun,
Rolled and reached that point of the space of the day,
Where the chasing shadows silently disappeared.

Then to the day I told “Love is complete,
And no more shadows will fall upon love and lovers,
When love by divine sweetness in dream fulfillment blessed.”,
Eyes closed, listening to my own heartbeats I sat.

Keeping hands on my eyes, ah’, twilight I made,
Though night like the cold of winter through time spread,
And hand ached but upon my eyes I kept them.
Twilight and darkness slowly left my eyesight.

As Little Boss’s face slowly faded into my eyes.

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Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

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