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Fifth Day Of August – 2019.

Life howled like a stray dog in the warm summer morn,
As love filled sleep left me astray to the wrath,
Of elements of the brutality of loneliness given,
By a soul who saw me as too old for her to love.

Grabbed I the noon time by the throat to speak my mind,
About my love and none, even my own conscience can question,
My acts, my words and my sincere thoughts filled with Little Boss,
And pleaded “Question not your love for me, Little Boss.”.

Noon faded into the evening and evening brightened in twilight,
In every ray of that twilight found I the light of your love,
Then night consumed twilight and darkness spread,
Ah’ then fate written stars and planets brightened the night.

Far away from reality the fate of my love life pathetically howled,
Oh’, when fate of most lives were written in lucky planets and stars,
And in hearts and souls thrived and through senses and emotions expressed,
Fate of my love life, ah’, looks like was written on a shooting star.

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