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Seventh Day Of August – 2019.

Grow in the dark O’ Dream grow,
For the night and the dark is,
Far greater than the day and light,
When angels and fairies raise in prayers.

In the depths of the dark of night shines,
Millions of suns, though far away they are,
Oh’, through them ray by ray twinkling comes,
The shape and essence of every dream.

The morning dragged mind into reality,
Ah’, no matter how brutal life becomes,
In the fantastic turn through time and space,
The dream driven reality intoxicates the soul.

Through the good of love in soul,
Love through experience divine taught,
Love when into the eyes of mother first looked felt,
Love inside soul weaved and always fought.

Love in through the growth of every cell of mine grew,
Oh’, the union of my mind, soul and body defined,
Every creation of this time and space, Oh’, refined,
My love for her who fills my soul, my LIttle Boss.

Afternoon woke me from the boredom of noon,
And through thoughts about long gone past I searched,
And in each of those thoughts and memories I placed,
The love that shapes the beat of my heart, Little Boss.

Oh’, those rediscovered memories brightened and redefined,
And every bit of those wonderful memories taught,
How step by step through good and rough times life led,
Me to love and in fulfillment of my love, Little Boss.

The creepy approach of the night I didn’t feel,
As senses brightened from thoughts about her,
Oh’, as sleep approached through night I know,
Senses are uniting for another weaving of a dream.

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Photo by Dmitry Yakovlev on Unsplash

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