The Pulse Of Happiness.

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The river flowed from the mountains and came down,
As if heaven were above the mountains where angels pray,
Oh’, darkness of nights took a deep dent around the river,
Where when looked gives the faithful a feeling of hope.

Trees touched the horizons and in winds waved,
At the clouds that let the morning twilight to linger,
Who all wiped their tears in the happiness of the daybreak,
Or in the fading beauty of the departing twilights I know not.

Through the narrow ways with the dancing winds trekked,
And heartbeat with the falling footsteps synched,
As into every heartbeat the rhythm of life shaped,
A ray of light originated from the depth of soul.

In that ray held hopes and hopes on hopes,
From the past to the present that stretch to future,
Hopes little by little accumulated with thoughts about her,
Who gave reasons for time and space to bend and bring,

The forgotten pulse of my youth and the pulse unheard,
And the future pulse together we will hear in echoes,
Filled with life of ours and from us will sprout,
Oh’, bring to this time and space a pulse of happiness.

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