The Speechless Lover.

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All around nature for vibgyor I looked,
The pleasantness warm rain leaves,
For little hearts to see and scream,
Happiness, and the poets to imagine.

Luck seems to have left me for the day,
Then through my mind, I searched,
Those younger days when through rains I ran,
Screaming my happiness out at the sight of a rainbow.

Oh’, those younger days are still alive in memory lanes,
When about who I am and how I should be I learned,
When tongue twisted in front of sweet smiling girls I stood,
Another lesson about romance I learned, never hesitate.

Ah’, after through years I passed and nothing of mine twisted,
As for her query of my intentions, I said “because I like you”,
No hesitation as in my eyes I know love for her filled,
And my heart took a beat and weaved a word of love for her.

Oh’, I never thought the young heart that stood in front,
When rejecting me no hesitation she had shown,
But I saw the same love in my heart I felt for her fill,
For me and nothing more she spoke and away she walked.

When every day through my verses of love for her she heckles,
Oh’, that tongue twisted young man inside me wakes and smiles,
Maybe soon she may learn, love is blind and deaf but wonderfully felt,
A feeling in worldly fears and stereotypes she tries hard to suppress.

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Photo by Daria Magazzu on Unsplash

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