The Unlived Life.

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Oh’, those busy streets so familiar,
Passing by unknowingly, moved to past,
Familiar faces, familiar signs but times unfamiliar,
The waiting heart, the caring soul, the loving man.

The heart of the girl that runs like a blinking star,
Around which the heart of the man a revolving planet,
And the search for each other goes round and round,
Oh’, the very identity of lovers in mind-boggling search lost.

The craziness of the phantoming world that changes,
Ah’, in it every action though so simple become and effort,
Aching muscles, boiling blood, and smiles forever stolen,
When the world around shows how happiness is celebrated.

Feeling those celebrations somewhere in the heart love twitched,
Oh’, how wonderful life will be when two lovers hold hands,
When two lips taste each other than talk to strangers,
Smiling, with blank thoughts and unfelt slow beating hearts.

Even in the roller-coster thoughts about the lover comes,
What could have been the chances and events of life,
What would have been the changes that made life,
What should have been times together, than life unlived?

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Photo by Khaled Ghareeb on Unsplash

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