A Mirage Of Expectations.

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The cheerful words from the ache of heart written,
To make one feel the love from depths of soul sprouted,
The willful memory of the rejected heart I carried,
And through the folds, you searched and searched.

The words and feelings from my heart and soul came,
Though well known about the innocence of emotions,
Oh’, not my face you expected for those words and feelings,
To come from, not the man to fill your heart with love you expected.

Oh’, behind every smile lives a set of heartbeats of pain and suffering,
And have you felt the pain of my heart through verses of love I wrote?
That feeling of love in the folds of your heart that touches is your love,
To a different man you weaved but ah’, takes my face dipped in my love.

Through every thought of mine you search, read and untired,
You grew a thin line of love only for me meant ah’, unknowingly,
And it is a point of no return, a mirage every day you try to reach,
In expectations of finding a different face, a different voice,

But only finds the “Much Older” man from your heart you want to erase.

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Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

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