Love Of The Unmarried Husband.

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She strayed away from the love she can give,
Ah’, he stayed on the grounds of love in his heart felt,
Though so close to each other they felt,
Swirling worlds in different directions kept them apart.

Nature stood stunned seeing two lovers away from love falling,
The twitches in his heart, felt away in her heart, ignored,
The fallen tears, ah’, unknown to the world remain undried,
Love in him that ached soul so hard, healed to embed only her face.

Wandering through the wilderness of the urban life he sang,
“Bring to me nature a thunderless storm,
Where, as a lightning, I will fly and strike,
The flashes spreading love and become,
The love in her heart filling future with love and life.”

He stopped to understand no other woman can replace her,
In a heart and his soul as love and life for her dedicated,
Oh’, in spirit a love-filled husband in all purity he became,
Blessed by the spiritual world and the heart of her who loved.

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Photo by Timur Romanov on Unsplash

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