Mind Of A Love Filled Poet.

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Driven by the passions to be loved he weaved,
Verses about hypothetical events in which he loved,
And be loved by the girl who as a dream fulfillment came,
But by the hesitations of the cunning world caught.

Every event of reality to his heart brought,
A new touch of love only through thoughts about her completed,
Oh’, no more dreams in his imaginations sprouted,
As every corner of senses and emotions, she ruled.

As every bit of all he knew in verses he wrote,
A day came when nothing made sense without her in thoughts,
Oh’, more senses he sought to express love for her in verses,
Even in those extensions ah’, her smiles filled with love came.

Every poet looks at the world through the verses they weave,
This poet looks at the world through the love in his heart fills,
Love he learned from his past that brought him to the present,
That fills thoughts about life with her even beyond the end of times.

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Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

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