Meeting Of The Loving Minds

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The pavements all washed by the nightly rains,
When thunders shook the stone-filled roads,
Oh’, flashes of lightning shown a path to walk,
And he walked over those empty paths in dawn light.

Archways with creepers covered stood with smiles,
Of the gargoyles never leaving those haunting faces,
Flowers sat still on the parapets adding colors,
To the brick walls that saw ages and ages of romances.

Smoke left in swirling dances like a Sufi Dervish off chimneys,
Breakfast foods cooked in restaurants where morning rested,
And through that path he walked to rest along the eastern rays,
Then the morning danced as she came in with the warmth of love.

He loves her from everything he knows and beyond his imaginations,
She saw everything with the skeptic mind of a loved girl,
The aging man she saw from one side and then felt his loving heart,
The Natural Beauty he saw from one side and then felt her caring heart.

With a smile she said “Hello”, then looked at the chair and stood,
He replied “Hello Dear”, and told her to sit at the table he sat,
And to her skeptic looks, he said “This can be as easy as that smile”,
“Or as tough as the doubts in your heart which always will stay.”.

“I don’t hate you or anything you do..” she said without looking,
Holding her hand he said “We cannot hate each other ever.”,
“Let us make this a beginning than an end dear”.. he paused.
She looked up without a smile and said “It will be a battle.”.

He smiled and said “Yes, every moment is a battle for both of us”,
“From birth till now we fought and won every second of our life”,
“Let us battle life together than against each other.”. He stopped,
She looked up and took his hand and said: “I will be with you”.

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Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

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