A Bright Smile.

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Gladness came to me to the rhythm of nature danced,
When a happy smile upon your face I left,
Sweetness in the air spread, when you smiled again,
Thinking about the depths of verses I wrote.

The distractor, my conscience, danced with the devil,
And sang “Longing for the touch of lips,
Longing for the touch of nose upon nose,
Longing for heartbeats to become steady and rhyme,

And longing to bury sadness that haunts,
Sadness through the veins ran with lonely howls.”.
I sat back and let conscience draw the images,
None made sense in dark, but one stood out bright.

If I were that young man who can hold your hand,
To the temptations of conscience, I would have succumbed,
And worked hard to make you smile again and again,
Oh’, age had taken me far, far from any temptations.

So smile bright young star, in the purity of your conscience,
May the future ways to future days be bright like your smile.

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Photo by Naitian(Tony) Wang on Unsplash

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