Love Of The Torn Faithful.

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Naive you are not in a life of your own,
Divided between faith and family in love,
Ah’, love of mine you never learned to feel,
All from family and faith you learned is fear to give.

The dreams all have been torn in uncaring songs,
You sang when dancing in stereotypes of the world,
And along with dreams torn was a life lived to find,
You and your love, and I found, love to you mean nothing.

Now tell own conscience dear, were your soul silent,
In loving my soul, Oh’, it is that loving soul I sought,
And the love meant to unite with me in retail you sold,
Now to your conscience tell that tale, the tragedy of the era.

Forever unforgiven my soul and conscience divided will remain,
For not ever gaining the love in your mind, heart, and soul weaved,
Oh’, all that I felt through all about you I have known and unknown,
Ah’, forever will remain as pulses of echoes of endless romances.

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Photo by Moises Alex on Unsplash

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