The Forbidden Image.

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Describe to me the happiness of your heart,
Beating, again and again, gaining happiness,
For you and by you in morning meditation smiles,
And in silence away from my loving smiles you walked.

The tiring day, the busy holiday season, ah’, we both stood,
The buyers in satisfaction smiled, you and I wished them well,
The sprouted dream kept us together and to my side, you came,
And with another smiling colleague, I snapped a selfie of us.

Oh’, the only image where you and I stood side by side,
But the many images when we stood side by side soul painted,
And from each of those, dreams about love of us, sprouted,
Ah’, though far away, trying to undo kindled love, we both still smile.

Your search for that image, now forbidden for the world to see,
Oh’, one day, someday, together we will stand in a new image,
May those images the living and the unliving copy and spread,
Still in my promise, that one image I took will remain forbidden to see.

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Photo by on Unsplash

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