The Smile Of Love.

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Blog Post About This Poem.

Every fancy dream paused when that smile sprouted,
The coolness of the winter warmed those lips spread,
Disappointments left heart and conscience for a nap,
As gladness in the world defined as your smiling face.

Through the days I mourned, and in sadness challenged,
The losing times and the nobility of happening events,
What meanings through the uncaring world I should accept?
What wicked paths through which I should walk to reach you?

Then the magnificence through which a door you opened,
Artificial internet maybe, Oh’, in my heart the love I felt,
When that sweet smile embraced a weeping soul.
Raised my head and hands and said to God “Thank You.”.

“Thank you for bringing sweetness into a sour life,
Giving a feeling of hope in the wonderless world,
Coloring a soul that lost the color in the dreams I weave.”.
Oh’, God will bless you too my dear for my thankfulness.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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