The Deserted Oasis.

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Winds rested well in Spring, Summer and Fall from North came,
Like a wave crashing on rocks, everything in their path they hit,
Oh’, even the rain froze and fell and stuck on trees and roads,
But beating all odds Snow Buntings hopped and pecked for food.

So much he learned, from the sea of time, ah’, only a drop he drank,
Eyes he trained to see beyond fog, rain, dust, and snow wilder times,
Youth never left his heart though World around respected his age,
Snow of this winter seems to have covered bits and pieces of his hair.

City and suburbs, he passed, restaurants and bars he frequented,
Everyone who touched him, ah’, the warmth of his heart they felt,
The sweetness of his wide smile, an unforgettable touch in soul left,
Childhood and youth filled anger he left for love and care of all.

Then came a winter, when love filled he looked at her and spoke,
His likes for her and she left him alone, Oh’, alone he stood,
The world lost its meaning in her eyes, even in misunderstandings seen,
The touch of love in his entire life he never learned to love.

As away from the world he walked, murmuring verses filled with love,
Oh’, no love of the world can he take as all his love filled with her,
The oasis he once was for the warmth and sweetness he spread,
Now deserted as all paths to that oasis forever he closed except for her.

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Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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