The Incomplete Painting.

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Time juggled my age and through age came,
The world and lifestyle in this world I must live,
Oh’, but my life played hide and seek and hopscotch,
All around me and my mind stuck in a very younger time.

Oh’, mind and the mind of the girl in my mind listen,
Unleash love without any material of worlds withholding,
The essence of truth through our material touches we express,
Unleash the power of mind, with which in distance each other we sense.

Wishes evolved in mind to become dreams and reality joined,
LIfe’s hide and seek game. Oh’, ten thousand thunders stuck,
At the same time upon my fate and in verses redefined,
My love for you in passions and compassions my dear, dearest.

Why we wrestle with the age ridden passions and definitions?
Why not define each other with love we already chose for each other?
You are the one who defines every bit of my love and in turn me,
May you choose me to paint the incompleteness of love of ours.

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Photo by Godwin Angeline Benjo on Unsplash

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