The Cleansed Heart.

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Cleanse your thoughts from stereotypes of the world,
World polarized by evil hidden behind robes, hats, and turbans,
Fall not on knees to pray, Oh’, dear for the fashion of world,
For, the world away from truth and love malignantly fashioned.

Come to me, Oh’, dear, come to me for my heart I cleansed,
In purity of love cast from blood, sweat and passion filled tears,
Happiness is not a choice I made when about you I think,
For, in every living breath, I find a way to be happy for you.

Time for dreams and fulfillments, games and doubts are over,
The world in which we will make memories forever will stay,
Call it romance or the sizzling feelings of unknown wonders,
Happiness is in your smiles erasing pains and struggles.

Life I will spend to bring those sweet smiles of yours,
For my sight and the sight of the manipulated world to heal,
And hold you in my arms close to the loving heart of mine,
When that manipulated world’s unhappiness haunts you.

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Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash

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