Ripples From Little Feet.

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Broken pieces of ice floated through the melting stream,
Springtime birthed in the laps of innocent mornings,
Aurora faded into the northern woods as the geese flew back,
The young girl from behind a merry-go-round watched.

In her little heart compassion filled with courage she felt,
The leaving winter cold, arriving spring mist she feared not,
All emotions in that little soul something unknown blended,
Bare little legs with love warmed into the flowing stream she dipped.

Those little ripples through the flowing stream they grew,
And through the plains and into the gulf and oceans they fell,
Love grew and ripples with passions flown through storms,
And through currents beyond those little eyes to another side flew.

Far, far away on the other side of the world, a man stood,
Who from childhood to youth a feeling in his mind he felt,
The definition he understood not but as years passed redefined,
Perspectives to purpose of a self that filled with love, undefined.

Near the Arabian sea, he stood as the waves trickled his legs,
Light rain fell, the winds with cold filled, and the ripples reached,
Touching his legs and through veins, to all of him feelings spread,
The day he learned, definitions of him far away from him grew.

Oceans and mountains, plains and towns, cities and beaches,
From riches to poverty, parties to ruins life he celebrated,
Every word he said, every action he performed for one search,
That trickling feeling he felt, source of that ripple that touched.

Many turns and twists life took and one day at her eyes he looked,
The youth filled lover a shy filled smile she gave and he felt,
That trickle that consumed the rest of his life in her good,
And the rest of his life for her happiness he dedicated.

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Photo by Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

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