Escape The Deceptive World.

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The thin fog like a slow glider came,
Upon on the gravel road red with soil,
And dead leaves of the gone by fall,
Sleepy pines sighed at the naughty dance.

Sleep from the night before lingered,
As shadow from a bad dream roamed,
What mistreatment you felt my dear?
But in that prison awake you remained.

Oh’, did you see me walking through that fog,
On a path unknown away from you and life?
Every piece of music and sound reminded you,
About my smile and a little joke, I told you?

Barren lands of the east, deserts of the south,
Frozen tundra of the north, Ah’, all holds,
Deception of dark magic you and I can’t see,
And in sickness, our mind binds in hatred and aches.

The broken record of my life again played,
“Oh’, you are the love from birth till now I sought,
I am the love from birth till now in your depth you felt,”,
Let no deception of the material world break our hearts.

Power of minds in love, Oh’, dear, nothing can defeat,
Let the passions the world show you, not deceive you.
Let not the bounds of relations and obligations stop you,
Let us unite all in the bonds of love, of you, me, into us.

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Photo by Heleno Kaizer on Unsplash

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