A Mystery I No Longer Desire To Know.

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Blog Post About This Poem. Please Read This Before Reading The Poem.

Pathos in different tones rain sang,
As life felt a dragnet of protection gone,
Heart absorbed sadness that roamed alone,
And my soul to him whispered a smile filled story.

Oh’, soul tell me how long we will weave and tell,
Stories that bring smiles in life all around,
And in that pleasantness ecstatically dance,
Dreams that felt real and unfulfilled fade.

Oh’, dreams, in prayers of apologies I drown,
For, unfulfilled like aborted babies you all lay,
Hungry, gasping for air, ah’, many of you die,
Leaving a curse upon me that isolates me more.

Meanings I sought in the seeds in her heart I sowed,
Oh’, love lost I fell and gathering all strength I stood,
Love, life all a mystery, clouded by eternal storms,
A vagabond I am who no longer desires to know.

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Photo by Thomas Millot on Unsplash

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