Unknown Powers.

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Grow in my mine O’ pleasantness,
And with the dreams I see flourish,
For in every dream a message through you I give,
To my darling who in every bit synonym with you.

Falter not, Oh’, sadness in my mind,
For the loses outnumbered my success,
The living reasons found no place,
In time and space for me to succeed.

Stay not in silence Oh’, my success,
For the days have come for you to rise,
And erase all aches of past that helped me grow,
And love her even when she said “No”.

Days were dark and nights were darker,
In the time that followed my falling,
But darker and darker mind plunged to refrain,
From love of all kinds as nothing else I sensed with love.

Out me and from all around me life just drained,
And nothing I sensed without a feeling of love for her,
Sadness became a companion that joked with me,
Happiness became the elusive bird who forgot to sing.

With my love for her bit by bit from me I erased,
The darkness that consumed my dreams and left,
Sadness and emptiness without feeling the touch of her,
Oh’, then realized I my love filled with a power unknown.

That unknown power came from every smile she smiled,
Far away from me not knowing the power unknown she felt,
Are from the pleasantness I felt in my thoughts and dreams,
Where nothing else with my senses I feel and fill but her.

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Photo by Daniil Lobachev on Unsplash

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