The Healing Heart.

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The nightly rains have left and to the branches some drops held,
Morning lazily sat all over the horizon, so beauty stayed hidden,
And thinking about her I sang “Wake up the morning and sing,
A summer lullaby in the rhythm of the fallen rain, Guiding a day,
In wonders to flourish and establish the blessings of Almighty.

And to those dreams that connected our hearts when asleep,
Tell them to walk with you to bring life and light to the morning,
A morning when Angels of night, falling asleep in prayers,
For a wonderful morning and warmth filled day to spread,
For you and all living who feel you in one of their senses.

As from far my known and unknown senses I sharpen,
Oh’, I remember the day, and days that followed when we parted,
Parted like a forking stream in the dense of woods and we faded,
Our glory deep within ourself like twinkling stars we felt,
And wilderness in the souls of us, like the jungle, streams saw grew.

Still the orb of light we felt in souls oblivious to each other.
Love for the one who loves as sacred and fantastic ritual,
And for the onlooker a glorified mistake that repeats,
Ah’, as hearts of each other we hurt in anger and sadness,
And above all fear in becoming an island in the sea of humanity.

From all around air drowned and breathless I stood,
The echo of a reality stunned the soul and senses,
“You are right and I am wrong” what words of apologies I can say,
When the heart aches, when every breath I tried to take,
Oh’, for the hurting, the only healing, is the love for me in your heart.

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Photo by Alireza Esmaeeli on Unsplash

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