A Half Empty Life.

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Echoes of a memory lingered to be heard,
In the long night left sleep into those eyes,
Of an aching heart searching for the freshness,
Of the decaying life in fear and anxiety grows.

Fear that only shown darkness and dripping silence,
And the air through cold and heat in my attic danced,
Upon the planks breaking the silence in my home,
Even those sounds instilled a creepy monotony.

Energy has outgrown emotions to give a feeling of her,
When with eyes closed in my mind’s eyes I saw,
The smiling face, the sitting posture from her dreaming mind,
Ah’, how fascinating mind became, oblivious to reality.

Oh’, the waiting reality empty-handed approached,
And once more I refused the inevitable establishment,
Of sadness in a heart through time very well learned,
To drink the sour juice of passions and live a half-empty life.

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Photo by Max Titov on Unsplash

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