An Apology For Loving.

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Words I chose and prayers for every word, I prayed,
When weaving the sentences that held my apologies,
Like a chanting monk, I repeat my verses to solidify,
Words from my heart birthed, wiped clean with tears.

Life may throw tantrums at you in material, and faith,
Paths once planned to venture will take you to places,
Strange and unknown and even in them you may find,
People and events that make you glad and smile,

Oh’, in one of those moments when happiness in charity given,
Find a thought, find a glance or find a scent to a past,
Where I held my hope in affections and weaved dreams,
Ah’, find that moment as a path to give me forgiveness.

Far away at that moment, in a tough and rough life, I will be,
But the pulse of that heart every moment I will feel,
And kneel I will in prayers of eternal gratitude,
As thank filled heart will find ways to smile and laugh.

When thinking about the pulses of yours I feel,
Ah’, those are not dreams as many of those are images,
Images I love to keep in my heart where you give me love,
And forever in that love, I will love you again and again.

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Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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