Love That Made Me Cry.

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Darkness eluded minds when about us we thought.
And to the lights of love shut thy eyes and acted blind,
Mind in a mode of apology constantly stayed,
Where conscience in deep meditation prayed.

Prayed for our hearts to unite and hands to hold each other,
With stories from the brittle but happy times together spent,
The paths we led took us apart and into solitude and sadness,
And sadness led us to fear, and fear into anger plunged.

Shut your eyes and the world will not see, you thought?
How long will you fear the love in you to become a tragedy?
Some haunting past or faith in soul shall not stand,
Between you and the wonders of your happy tears.

The world around me ah’, with doubts filled scratched,
Their heads as you I pursued with all my passions,
And the ills and screams and the labels they called,
None knows the reasons why a soul who rejected I still love.

Many options, young, pretty and charming winked,
Some came close and all of them as a crowd I saw,
And my conscience at times painfully spoke to seek,
Happiness and the struggle between me and I continued.

When nights grew short and days with warm clouds filled,
Morning came earlier than even time itself thought,
And that morning took the beauty of you million times more,
Smiled and laid down my prayer-rug and to her I said,

“Hundreds may come and they all will go like you faded into day,
For my soul and the love of my soul, none of you can feel,
Read my heart and felt love of mine for her and in her eyes, I saw,
The depth of her care and love, Ah’, no beauty upon earth possess.”

Turning to pray, I turned to the brightening twilight and I said,
“Hundreds of souls filled with love may have come and gone,
Beauty and riches and character not easy in this wild world to find,
But with her love, she is the only one who made me cry in love.

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Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

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