The Thief Of Dreams.

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The unknown, the unheard, the undeserving,
He is the undesired still he drew breath with love,
Silence he knew not for his mind always spoke,
And words he spoke in unheard ways filled with love.

Mockery of the world followed her hearing,
And echoed through every vein when spoke,
About love and the meanings from his heart,
Ah’ all love for him inside her heart drowned.

The folds of her heart yearned to feel more,
Still took all pain in her and drowned her love,
The dream fate well weaved from him she stole,
And shattered it and called him a criminal.

Their life became a stagnant pond where grew,
Deadly bacteria that bread mosquitos and swirled,
Hydras that kept the world away, far away from truth,
The dreamless life once was a flowing river of love.

Forgiveness still he sought for the love of her still lay,
Deep under the stagnant pond rotting but still not dead,
Well known, but wonderfully ignored beyond her senses,
Forgiveness he sought for the love deep in him ached.

Ah’, with the God-given ability to perfect an imperfect life,
The magnet became the language of his heart which polished,
Life in magnificence of time and space at unimaginable pace moved,
Where he became an ocean for the thief of his dreams to walk.

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Photo by Mike Palmowski on Unsplash

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