The Torn Veil.

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The times of followed passions and rules by humans made.
Heart beat in tune with the felt love in pulses uncaringly.
Along swayed autumn flowers all set to face mother’s brutality,
As a lost migrating bird with a broken wing sang a sad song.

What dreams he saw the poet wished he could see,
For, in the world of melancholic fashions lost,
The meaning of poetry in his love for her he wrote,
As beyond senses she chirped about dreams unseen.

Mock him not, Oh’, dear as love of him so rarely seen,
And a heart so sweet like yours so rarely by any lover felt,
Such is the connection between two humans linked,
Worlds beyond our imaginations stood in prayers for you two.

Tear away the veil the worldly ways woven between you two,
And through the eyes of love look to see compassion evolve,
Into life and love filled passions that sanctifies life here and hereafter.
Listen to the song of the lost migrating bird and show him a path.

Path you see through the torn veil and the fallen walls,
Path the passed storms cleared for both of you two to walk,
Hand in hand and hearts in care of the God given love for each other,
Live this once given life with shared happiness filled with smiles and joy.

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